We're flexible (because your princess visit should fit your event just like a glass slipper!) These packages are our idea of how the party might flow... but if you have something else in mind, contact Princess Grace Events and we'll make it happen!

Party Packages

*Note: we aren't available for Sunday events.

Our fantastic performers need a day to rest & relax with family. Thanks for understanding!

Feel free to chat with us if there are ways we can further customize your party package for your event!

Also, please note that each party is a little different... so actual package times on the day of your event may vary slightly.

Princess Pop-In


$95 per extra performer

  • Interactive Story-time

  • Small gift for each child

  • Tiara for the guest of honor

  • Coronation & B-day song

  • Time filler games

  • Picture and autograph time

Royal Visit


$110 per extra performer

  • Interactive Story-time

  • Small gift for each child

  • Tiara for the guest of honor

  • Coronation & B-day song
  • Picture and autograph time

  • Time-filler games

  • Sing-along (per request)

  • Craft 

Add-On Activities

Palatial Pajama Party

1.5 - 2 HOURS

Includes THREE performers

  • THREE 

    princesses (in pajamas!)
  • Fingernail painting and makeovers

  • Personalized and autographed princess pillowcase for up to 8 children (more available for additional cost)

  •  Tiara & coronation for guest of honor

  •  Door hanger craft 

  • Bed time Story

  • Pictures time with photo props

Face Painting*                                $50

Sparkly Princess Hairdos w/tiara*      $45

Fingernail painting                          $20

"Makeovers" (Blush, eyeshadow & lipstick)      $20

Glitter Tattoos                                 $35

*not available with Pop-In package due to time limits.

Other Packages
Princess-And-Me Photo Shoot

Our $150 1/2 hr. mini sessions in the park include a gift from the princess, story time and dancing... all while a professional photographer is snapping candid photos to create a lifelong memory. You will receive 5 professionally edited shots and a link to the rest of the unedited photos online.

So. Much. Fun!

Meet and Greets

Our princess characters love to mix and mingle with lots of guests! What a great way to make your fundraiser, corporate function, picnic or community event memorable.

Per character: $115 for the first hour, $75 each hour after.

*Please contact us to learn about our policies for outdoors events, required break times, etc.

Charity Visits

When possible, we're delighted to donate our time to help charitable organizations succeed, make wishes come true, or brighten the lives of children who are unwell. Unfortunately, because we do have quite a few requests for this type of work we can't say yes to everyone... but contact us to see if we can help!

Princess Playdates

There are so many reasons to give a Princess Playdate to your favorite little girl!

  • "I love You" , "Get Well Soon", or "Happy Birthday" gift

  • Incentive for kindness to siblings, potty training or good grades

  • Encouragement after a big life change like a move or new sibling 


Playdates with a princess can be a 1-on-1 visit in your home or at a park, tea room or salon. A magical half-hour with story times, glitter tattoos, games, crafts, and a little gift from the princess for only $100!

"Daughter of the King" Chat

How meaningful it is for girls when their princess-hero chats with them about the beauty of being a Daughter of King Jesus! Just request to add a 5 minute "Daughter of the King Chat" to any of our packages; we'd be thrilled to make that happen! Little girls are encouraged to be remember that they really can be a princess in the truest sense of the word when they invite the King of Kings to be their Father. Your princess party is the perfect opportunity to do that!


Cincinnati, OH, USA