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It's not every day you have a princess visit! Here is some help to make it extra simple and magical!

  • What can we expect at our event?

The princess will start by greeting the birthday princess and their friends! From there, we begin with a guess the princess game. Then, we will read a story related to the character at your event. After this, if you have any add-ons or additional activities this would be the time to do those. Then, time for photos and into our special coronation! Keep in mind, events can be different and our performers will adapt to the energy and needs of each individual event!

  • What kind of space do you need for activities?

An open space where the kids have plenty of room to sit during the activities! For Build-a-buddies, having a table with chairs for everyone is preferred just for everyone's convenience. If you have any concerns or questions if your space may not fit these requests, feel free to contact us with what space you are planning on and we will make sure we can accommodate your space!

  • Why are your prices as high as they are? 

All of our performers are professionally trained actors, singers, and dancers and we also pride ourselves on our high-quality costumes and wigs. We want you to have the most magical experience you can. It takes a lot of hands and work to do that! At the end of the day, we want you to experience the joy our events can bring and we want to work with everyone. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns about pricing. We can try and work with you in any way that we can. :)

  • When do you need the final payment for the event?

You will receive an invoice reminder 3 days before your scheduled day. This needs to be paid before the performer arrives at your event. 

  • Do I or other adults need to be present while the princess or hero is here?

YES YES YES! Our performers are not there to babysit. We need you to be advocates for them and make sure that the kids are being respectful and gentle with our performers and costumes and items. Our performers reserve the right to leave any event they feel unsafe at or that anything mentioned above is not being respected.

  • Adults don't have to "play along" right? 

You will not be forced to participate in any activity. But we do expect you to help us keep the magic alive. Make sure you are addressing the performer by their character name, only asking them questions based on their character's story/life, and even playing along if any little one questions if they are "real or not". Of course they are! ;)

  • Someone I know works for you! Can I request them as my performer for my event?

Of COURSE, you can! Requesting a performer, whether they are a friend, family member, or a performer you have seen at another event, is always more than welcome! Please just make sure that you are requesting them for a character you know they have played previously! Also, keep in mind all of our performers of color can be requested for ANY character. We want all our little princesses and heroes to see themselves in these characters.

Don't see an answer to a question you have? Let us know here

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