So... why "Princess Grace Events?"


Princess Grace Events, LLC has had the joy of bringing magic to children since 2016. 

I've loved working with children for as long as I can remember, and before I met 

my Prince Charming I spent years working with a ministry for girls. This gave me the chance to travel internationally, hone speaking and drama skills... and meet "princesses" from all over the world! Now married, I live in Cincinnati and have a precious daughter named Grace. Princess Grace Events was founded with the hopes that this business will give me the blessing of being able to stay home with Gracie and teach her the ways of the Kingdom. :) What a crazy, fun ride it's been! It all started with this mama who had an idea and a cheap costume...and it's grown into gorgeous custom made gowns, multiple performers, and tons of chances to brighten the lives of little people throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

(So take that, you people who don't believe in fairytales!) 

When you invite a PGE princess performer to be part of your special event, I think you'll be thrilled with the quality of customized & hand-made costumes, hours of character training, and packages that are tailored to create a magical and interactive atmosphere at your party. The princess characters I choose are carefully picked with the criteria that they are positive role models in their values and actions. To reinforce this, our costumes are custom designed or altered to be modest and tasteful, just like royalty should be! The princess who arrives at your home understands that this will, hopefully, be an unforgettable experience for your child. So she'll make a point 

of  sharing with your children the lifelong lesson that being royalty is about so much more than pretty gowns or sparkling tiaras: it's about the beauty of their joyful smiles...the love in their hearts...the bravery of their actions...and the kindness they 

show to others.

Hope to meet you soon! 

                        Danielle Watters


Cincinnati, OH, USA